1. No User Installation required
    1. No end-user software installation is required, since our software interface is Web based.
  2. User Friendly Interface
    1. our Excel-Like Web interface is very easy to use
    2. Basic end-user Training is complete in 15 minutes.
    3. All Data is in 1 screen where you need to go to moltiple screens in ERP systems.
  3. Connection to your ERP is done easily
    1. Thanks to our know-how on SAP and Infor M3, our Experts will guide you during the deployment phase.
    2. Deploy our Software in a couple of WEEKS instead of waiting months with other software
    3. Our software supports Oracle/DB2/MS SQL Databases & All kinds of Web Services
  4. Designed for Enterprise Infrastructure
    1. Available from Cloud(Saas) as well as On-Premise Installation.
    2. Running on the State-of-the-Art Microsoft .Net Infrastructure, our software is ready for the Future.
    3. Powered by C++ engine, our software is both flexible & fast.

CoMPASS – Advanced Planning

  • Fully Integrated to ERP system
    • Easy to install, due to our know-how on SAP and Infor M3.
    • Let our ERP experts guide you.
  • User Friendly Interface
    • Basic training is complete in 15 minutes.
    • You can access all data in 1 screen where you need to go to multiple screens in ERP systems.
  • Unique Planning Concept with Days on Hand:
    • No need to maintain stock Target for individual partnumbers
    • CoMPASS calculates the stock based on Customer Order coverage (Days on Hand)
    • CoMPASS regulates the stock Automatically against customer increases/decreases.

ECRAN – Digital Manufacturing

  • Fully Automatic Sequencing of Production Orders
    • No need manual work.
    • Orders are retrieved from ERP system in real time
    • Any change is automatically reflected to ECRAN
  • Easy to Install & easy to use
    • Easy to install, due to Web-Interface.
    • User Friendly Interface, basic user training is complete in 15 minutes.
  • Real Time Data refresh
    • Automatic Calculation of Andon Rail in real time
    • Automatic update of Components needed on the Production Line

COCKPIT – Digital Control Tower

  • Easily Detect Variations in Supply Chain
    • Customer Increase/Decrease
    • Planned vs. Produced
    • Ordered vs. Received
  • Partnumber level Customer Forecast based on Car volumes
    • Detect Partnumber usage rates automatically
    • Create a long Term Forecast based on Car volumes
    • Compare Customer Orders vs long Term Forecast
  • Centralized Inventory Monitoring
    • Unique DOH (Days on Hand) concept for defining Inventory Levels.
    • Classify the Partnumbers based on Min/Max DOH.
    • Easily understand and take action on Overstock Partnumbers