Our History

After working more than 20 years in the manufacturing sector, and 12 years in a highly Lean environment in Autoliv Inc., Kıvanç Özünal has founded CAPLAN solutions in 2016.

CAPLAN is a LEAN company.

With TPS as our core guide, we are working to improve the processes of our customers via LEAN principles.

CAPLAN is a System Building Company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our customers create more value for their customers with fewer resources.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the Lean Company with most satisfied customers.

Our Values

1. "Genchi Genbutsu"

As the key element of lean thinking, we are aware that true solution to a problem can only be found at its source. So, we stay close to our customers, so that our solutions are covering their real needs.

2. "Innovation"

By constantly improving our solutions, we maximize the benefits to our customers hence stay a top of the competition. We are excited for new ideas, so we promote innovation in our company culture.

3. "Agile"

We are a dynamic company, and we keep necessary culture and expertise in our company to be able to deliver solutions fast.

4. "Perfection"

We are aware that a solution 90% ready is not good. We provide and perfect our solutions as our customers need.

5. "Honesty"

We provide solutions to our customers, we believe. Keeping that in mind, we design solutions as if we will use them and thus deliver the most user-friendly programs and systems.